Trying to write my first blog post

So far I have started writing my first blog post five times. I have flitted from topic to topic, with each one leading into another and none getting very far.

I am sure I am not alone with this issue. If you have decided to blog you most probably think you have something interesting to say otherwise why bother? You also may have a range of topics that interest you. So how do you chose where to start? and how do you keep your brain focused on the point you are trying to make? and how do you not lose track of those great ideas that keep popping in your head at inopportune moments?

Clearly, being a new blogger, I cannot answer any of these questions with any air of authority, experience or knowledge. But I can share what I am trying in order to address these things:

1 – Note book to the rescue
Over the last few months, as the idea of setting up my own blog, has been germinating in my mind I have been carrying around a fancy note book and pen. The advantages of this are clear, that you can note down those ideas that pop up wherever you and your notebook might be. Also if you are into fancy notebooks, which I am, it is an excuse to buy a new one and enjoy the ownership of it.

2 – Word doc by my side
As I was flicking from topic to topic today I realised that they might all be good and interesting topics. So I have opened up a Word document and I have noted them down. This means I have a list of future blog ideas now building in two places. In my lovely, pretty and sparkly, paper notebook and also on my less pretty but nice and practical laptop. That has to be a winner.

3 – Decide whats your angle
I have been trying to think what to focus my blog on. Do I want to stick to one topic and go for it on that? I think that might be key for some people. Especially those with a passion or a talent in a particular area. These blogs are most likely to be the most popular as they find an audience in those with a shared interest. However, if I focus on one topic I am going to get bored. So my angle is, a bit of everything, and I am OK with that because that way I will keep interested.

4 – Set your goal
Linked to the decision on your topic, I think, it is key to decide what the purpose of your blog is. If it is to make you squillions of monies I think you might need to try something else. Honesty is key here. Be honest with yourself about why you are doing this. And in the interests of honesty here are my reasons. I want to be a writer, I want to see if people would be interested in what I have to write, I have a wide range of interests that I want to explore, I would quite like to be good at this, I have a desire to be liked but I am poor at socialising so the internet is my saviour.

So I am giving it a go. I am going to post this, and I am going to try and post something at least once a week, and I am going to see if anyone is interested in what I write. Maybe you will like it all, maybe you will like a bit of it and maybe you will hate it but at least I will know I have given it a go.

WIN_20170529_14_17_47_Pro (2)



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