New Year


I could not really ignore that today is New Year’s Eve, even if I really, really wanted to. However, later on this evening that is what I will be doing. until the inevitable fireworks start up.

New Year has never really been a favourite time for me, however I used to go to some fun house parties at my friends (Esther and James) house. To be fair, they could make a rainy Wednesday in mid February fun with the benefit of alcohol and drinking games.

My problems with New Year’s celebrations are two fold. One that there is a high expectation to have a good time. The pressure builds in the gap between Christmas and New Years Eve, and as a singleton in my late teens and twenties the awful need to have someone to kiss at midnight was a nightmare. But even without that it is almost seen as a crime not to have a great time. Apparently you have to be happy, excited and drunk.

My second issue is that what we are celebrating is a number increasing by one. I know that seems a bit scroogey of me but really, there is no great difference between the 31st December of one year and 1st January of another year. The idea that the turn of the year somehow wipes the slate clean of any crap you were dealing with before, or that suddenly you will stick to your guns on some goal or task just because of the date just leaves me cold. As does the standing outside that seems to be part of the New Years tradition. Why are we standing outside at one of the coldest times  of the year when there is a perfectly good duvet available inside?

Oh yes, back to those fireworks I mentioned at the start, the ones that prevent me from ignoring the whole thing, yes its all coming out now; the fireworks are a bloody nightmare! I have an anxious child and an anxious cat and an anxious me. Every new year I lie in bed or on the sofa listening to them going off and worry that the bangs of the fireworks are:

1 – Going to wake my daughter

2 – Going to frighten my cat

3 – Disguising gunshots like in the Poirot story Murder in the Mews. (Yes that is a true and honest worry I have every Bonfire night and New Years and I know it is not normal.)

None of this means that I have not partaken in New Year’s revelry before, and it does not mean that I will not do so in the future, but on my terms and if I am not having a good time I will not stick it out because it is the thing to do.

I also think that if you are the kind of person who really loves New Year then that is fantastic and you should ignore my grumbling. I think you should enjoy it to the max, love every moment and savour the feelings. I wish you nothing but joy and happiness in your activities.

The idea of New Year’s Resolutions is something that I have stuck with more than the celebrations but I have made a change here in the last few years. I now no longer wait for 1st of January if I am going to try something new or required. This year for example my realisation of the need to lose weight came in early December; so I got on with it immediately. I set my goals and I have been working on it from the point of realisation of the need. This blog is also an example of me wanting to start something new and just getting on with it and it’s birth was on 29th May. Why wait? is my new mantra.

However, I always reset some challenges at the start of a year, debt reduction, savings etc get tracked on an annual basis, but that just makes good sense.  Nerdy spreadsheet woman that I am enjoys the natural assessment point that the end of a year brings.

But I want to be supportive and if you find that the kick start of new year helps you with goals then go for it, but in my experience the wait to start leads to poor behaviours including the “I will eat as much crap as I like and sit on my arse up until 31st December and then I will get fit” actually makes the situation harder to get into. I have also lost track of the amount of times I have waited to start a new thing and then given up before the decided on start date. I reckon you should decide to do something and then just get on with it.

So in short:

I wish you a happy new year if that’s your thing.

I wish you a happy tomorrow, as I wish all your days to be happy.

I wish you luck with all your endeavours, be they new year’s resolutions, mid year resolutions,  random new goals or just getting through the day.

I wish you as much comfort and joy as you can handle all the days of your life; and I wish you to be surrounded by those who care when things go a bit crappy.

And I wish you all these things be it New Years Eve or any other day of the year.


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