Update 1: The Shocking Start


The shock that caused the start was that since my last diet in 2014, when I lost over 4 stone, I had put back on 1st 8lbs. How I had let that happen was a mystery to me but I reckon hot pork rolls, crisps and ignorance played a large part.

I was going to be a bit brave here. I was going to include, in this first update, pictures of my body.

I had figured if I need motivating during the next few months then the idea of awful pictures of me being out in the world for all to see would help. I then came to my senses. I have no need to make myself feel uncomfortable or  ashamed to help in this process. I also figure that if the point of the pictures is to show progress then maybe I should wait until there is progress to show. Makes sense right?

So I have the pictures taken and stored. They will be used later on, with luck, when I look less like them.

Although I started my weight loss plan on the 9th of December, at a weight of 14st 8lbs (204lbs or 92.5kg), the first pictures were taken on 17th December 2017 when I had already lost 8lbs. Before that, the idea of pictures to track my progress had occurred to me, but I was putting it off.

As you might expect I was very happy with the initial loss being so rapid but I am no fool, I have been here before, and the first weeks are always a great boost when you are on a health kick. It does not stay that rapid in the loss department.

I was exactly 14st when the pictures were taken. I say exactly, I am a morning ‘weigher’ and I know you can fluctuate through the day but mornings suit me best. This made me think that considering I am aiming for a weight of a little bellow 11st (10st 1lbs to be precise), which will bring my BMI to 22.8, doing pictures at each mile”stone” might be the way to go.

I am 5’8″ (172.72cms) tall to help you understand why I am not aiming for a lower target. The rationale for my chosen target is threefold. 1 – I would like to be in the ‘Healthy Weight’ section of the BMI range, 2 – I would like room for manoeuvre on that scale, so I have left wriggle room, and 3 – I want to weigh less than my husband for the first time since we met.

This last reason is a silly one but I am fed up of being at the park with him and being too afraid to try the zip wire because I fear I might break it. He does not break it, so once I know I weigh less than him I can give it a go too.

I would just like to qualify the above. We have a young daughter who we take to the park. My husband and I do not just frequent children’s play areas and ruin the fun for the little ones by hogging the trampoline, roundabout and swings. We do it with a child in tow so it looks more acceptable.

Anyway that is my target and how is my progress? Since the picture taking session, and the world of temptation that is Christmas and New Year I have dropped more weight and this morning, 3rd January 2018, I was 13st 10.4lbs (192.4lbs or 87.3kgs).

So  I am nearly a stone down on my starting weight and it has not been a month yet. This is most pleasing but I know this pace will not persist. I need to find ways to keep myself motivated and hopefully this blog will be one of them.

In the coming weeks I will provide updates and also I will share what foods I am eating, what exercise I am doing, what I am using to keep myself motivated, how I am tracking my progress, and how I am feeling about the whole thing.

The one thing that is sticking out to me so far though is that, when I am eating so little compared to usual, I am extremely disappointed if things don’t taste good. So don’t be expecting my diet to be plates of lettuce and sticks of celery, that is not my bag, I would much rather have a little of what I like than a whole lot of what is bleugh. You might be surprised by the daily treats I allow myself and yet am still dropping the pounds.

Stick with me, its going to be a very unorthodox ride and not one I recommend anyone copies but maybe it will be fun to follow.


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